Strategic Foci

Ben Franklin Esoteric Labs & Research Center
Our Mission:

Strategically choose, complete, or catalyze the genesis of research, development, and application projects (R, D & A Projects) needed to Map the Human Soul™, and the associated Anatomy & Physiology of the Human Soul™ ; apply this work in the scientific, medical, religious disciplines, and, communicate the findings clearly, succinctly and coherently to Mankind.

Create new understandings, methodologies, insights, and benefits for Mankind from the unveiling of the technical exploration of Anatomy & Physiology of the Human Soul™, and, The Spiritual Universe™.

Deliver or catalyze the work needed to manifest a paradigm shift in the level of positive interdependence and mutually beneficial cooperation, in the working relationships, between the modern sciences, western and eastern medicine, and the Major World Religions (MWRs).

Complete “strategically selected RD & A projects” to foster “One unexpected and critical leap for Science, one giant leap for Mankind”. Provide new interdisciplinary insights, research , knowledge, communication, and cooperation and mutual respect between the Sciences, Medicine, Major World Religions and Nation governing bodies.

Provide scalable and multi-disciple “Platforms” needed to catalyze an accelerated development and application of the Mapping of the Human Soul™ Program. Use these “Platforms” to accelerate the generation of new interdisciplinary research, insights, knowledge, communication, and harmonious cooperation, between the sciences, medicine, MWRs, nation governing bodies, and people worldwide from all walks of life.

Provide communication “vehicles” to explain Anatomy & Physiology of the Human Soul™ and The Spiritual Universe™ to people of all ages, all walks of life, all MWRs, at all longitudes and latitudes.

Generate the enduring impact of fostering the worldwide, heart felt, pursuit of the integrated and scientific study of the human soul, consciousness, healing, salvation, The Spiritual Universe™, sacred texts, and the sensitive governance of Mankind with positive and broadminded insight.

Michael De La Cruz
Principal Investigator
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